English CV

Arthur Zarankin - CV

B.Sc in information systems, Specialization in software technologies

Interested to join  information systems field in order to create inuvations and gain experience. 
Developing a career in data science field.
Like to serve and be creative, having good comunication skills and significant motivation to study new skills.

Work Experience:

2014 – 2017:  Manager and supporter  communal building  in Haifa . 
• Electrical, water and cooling support. 
• Personal help to each person in thee building.

2013 – 2014 Jewelry salesman and technician support in CAPRICE Tiberias.

Programmer Skills

2020 – 2021:  Final Accademic project www.Ewms.co.il
• Final project for "EWMS Logistics"  organizer for small companies, manage logistic items source.
• Easy user UI/UX interface.
• Compettible to work with smartphone, tablet and pc.
• This sytem based on: HTML5 , CSS3 ,JQuery, MYSQL, Materialize and QRcode scanner.
• System demo available in www.ewms.co.il 

Programmer basic skills:
• Java
• C++
• SQL (MariaDB, Mysql, Msql)
• Erlang
• JavaScript
• CSS 3
• Html 5


• Hebrew – Speak, Write and Read
• English – Speak, Write and Read
• Russian – Speak and Read
Good in learning, searching, serve and professional working in each known language.


2017 – 2020: B.Sc Information Systems, The Academic College Of Yezreel Valley.
• Specialization in software technologies. Programming languages, data mining and other technological courses: data structures, Databases, information systems analysis and more.

• Final project for "EWMS Logistics"  organizer for small companies, manage logistic items source.

2013 – 2015: Certified Basic Electrical  and Cooling System Supporter and Technician.

Computer Skills

• MS Project
• Adobe Photoshop
• Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
• Sony Vegas

Military service:

2007 – 2010: Logistics Systems Menager, SAP EXPRESS, Navy shipyard.
• Repair and maintenance (mechanics and electricity) every ship tools and ship support).
•Serve  shipping bays workshops,  body, electricity, carpentry, frames, cnc and more.